Custom Size Garage Doors

Getting custom size garage doors in Gatineau, Quebec, merely takes a phone call or a brief message to our company. If the standard garage door sizes are not for you and you need to find an exact match for your current needs, no need to go far. Garage Door Repair Gatineau provides solutions, installers, ideas, consultation – all things you need for peace of mind.

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Custom Size Garage Doors Gatineau

For custom size garage doors, Gatineau residents may put their trust in our company. Want a single garage door but wider than the available standard sizes? Want a double garage door but taller than the standard sizes?

When it comes to residential garages, there are quite a few sizes for one- and two-car doors. But if these sizes are not a perfect match for you, there’s always the solution of customized solutions. What we do as a team is send a pro to talk with you and more importantly, measure. Whether this is a remodeled garage or new construction, we need to know the exact dimensions – and not only of the opening – to ensure you get the ideal size for unobstructed garage door performance.

Single and double custom garage door sizes

What you also get from us when you turn to our team for custom garage doors is designs, styles, colors, features – choices for all things. At this point, you may be focused on getting the right single or double garage door size. But it’s equally important that you get a garage door with the expected features, a style you love, the design you dream of, a material that’s resistant and durable. Right? And at this point, we’d only like to assure you of the great and plenty of choices among such features.

In spite of the size, garage doors are perfectly installed

In spite of your needs and for all custom size garage doors, installation services are performed with the demanded accuracy. Rest assured. We know you worry, especially if you need to get a really large garage door and ask you not to. All installers are skilled, well-trained, properly equipped, and field experienced. They have been installing garage doors of all sizes for living years now and know how to handle all cases.

Let’s start by offering an estimate and solutions to your needs. Do you need a garage door taller than 8”? Seeking an RV garage door size? Want the door wider than 12”? Are you looking for several single garage doors? Want one double garage door? If you want to get into details about the service, hear the costs, and talk about the possible in-Gatineau custom size garage doors, reach us.

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