Garage Door Tracks Repair

The purpose of garage door tracks is to host rollers and enable proper overhead door movement. If they are bent or damaged in any way, the door fails to perform right and might also jam. So track problems are serious. And this is the reason why we respond quickly when you need assistance with your home garage door tracks in Gatineau, Quebec.Garage Door Tracks Gatineau

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Bent tracks? Damaged tracks? Door off track? Misaligned tracks? No matter what the problem is, count on Garage Door Repair Gatineau. With full knowledge of the consequences should tracks are dented and bent, we respond as soon as possible to fix any related problem. And we can also help you with your garage door rollers. Sometimes, the problem is not with the tracks but the wheels. They might corrode and fail to slide smoothly. They cause loud noise and might pop off dragging the door with them, especially if the tracks are not well lubricated, clean and in good condition.

So this brings us to the conclusion that problem with both garage door tracks and rollers are serious. Sometimes, they are interrelated too. If the rollers are rusty, they will scratch the tracks. If the tracks are very dirty and non-lubricated, the wheels won’t roll smoothly. Our pros can fix effectively both parts of your overhead door. We provide same day garage door tracks repair and this service might include the alignment of the tracks or fixing their dents.

We replace garage door rollers and hinges

If either your rollers or tracks are ruined beyond repair, you can trust our pros in Gatineau to replace them. We do the garage door tracks replacement as soon as possible and can replace both vertical and horizontal tracks along with their curved section. If the rollers are damaged or rusty, we can replace them too. In this case, our techs also examine the condition of the hinges. If they are corroded, we often recommend their replacement along with garage door roller replacement because it will be to your best interest.

Are your Gatineau garage door tracks bent? Do you have any problem with the rollers? Call us to take care of any issue with either part.


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