Garage Door Weatherstripping

Want the bottom seal replaced? Or, complete garage door weatherstripping in Gatineau, Quebec? Instead of risking doing the job alone and possibly wrong, turn to the experts. It doesn’t cost much to have the weather seals of your garage door replaced.

Why you shouldn’t do it alone? Because not all weather seals are suitable for all garage doors. And then, they differ in terms of style – a fact that also affects their installation. And if the weather strips are not installed correctly, the garage won’t be well protected and the door will not close – or open, properly. Avoid all risks by turning to Garage Door Repair Gatineau.

Gatineau garage door weatherstripping – by pros only

Garage Door Weatherstripping GatineauWhen it’s time for garage door weatherstripping, Gatineau residents may easily make an appointment at our company. Choose if you prefer to send a message or call our team. In either case, the appointment is set when it is suitable for you. We gather the information we need to send the technician fully prepared, and that’s it. You sit and relax. Before you know it, the old weather seals will be history and the new ones installed.

Experts in all garage door weatherstripping installations

Now, it’s important that the garage door weatherstripping installation is done with the utmost accuracy. That involves measuring, cutting, adjusting. And then, the way the weather seals are set depends on their type and style.

  •          Brush
  •          Adhesive
  •          L-shaped retainer
  •          Flat
  •          Tongue & groove
  •          U-shaped retainer
  •          Plastic/aluminum
  •          Sectional/rolling door

Should we send a garage door repair Gatineau tech out to see which weather seal will be a perfect match for you? Or, you already know? In either case, trust this important service to us to be absolutely sure it’s done right. Want to make an appointment now?

Weatherstripping garage doors is important – why delay your service call?

Do you intend to have just the bottom seal changed? Or the top and the side seals too? Weatherstripping garage door sides and the top is not exactly the same as installing a bottom seal, especially if we are talking about a retainer. As you can see, it’s best to put your trust in expert hands.

So, do you want all weather seals replaced or just some of them? There’s no garage door weatherstripping repair solution when there’s wear or damage. Weatherstripping is one of the ways to winterize the garage door, and keep insects and rainwater out. Don’t you want the job done without delay and more importantly, in an accurate way? All you have to do is call us and say that you need garage door weatherstripping in Gatineau.

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