Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement


Some companies struggle with garage door torsion spring service in Gatineau, but not our specialists. We have repaired or replaced more of these components than we can count. We specialize in garage door torsion spring replacement service. Our highly trained professionals are prepared to provide cost effective solutions to any type of spring problem. The torsion spring can be very dangerous if not handled by a true professional.Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Our Garage Door Repair Gatineau experts will replace a torsion spring very carefully because we understand the dangers involved in servicing these components. If this spring is not in real bad shape we will often be able to make a torsion spring adjustment and be on our way, but most of the time a torsion spring repair is more complicated. These components are wound extremely tight in order to create the necessary tension. When they snap back people have been known to get killed.

We Service Extension Springs Too

Whereas the torsion spring is a single unit mounted directly above the garage door; extension springs come in pairs and are mounted on each side of the door. Our Gatineau Garage Door Torsion Spring service is precision tuned to provide our customers with outstanding service when it is needed. Safety is a concern when you are providing service on either one of these springs. The spring you need is often dependent on the size and weight of your door.

In most cases these springs cannot be repaired. It is more common for them to be replaced. At Gatineau Garage Door Repair we always seek a cost effective repair for our customers. If we save our customers money and provide quality work on their garage springs there is a much better chance they will become a repeat customer. Our commitment to providing effective repair and replacement service on springs has made us one of the most popular companies in the Gatineau community and beyond.

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